Dog Daycare

Safe and Fun Dog Daycare in Denver

Whether your dog has endless energy or you simply want a place where they can be social while you’re at work, our dog daycare program here at Canine Fitness & Fun Center provides a safe and fun environment for your pet.

Whether it's our unique Swim Program for Dogs or our Indoor and Outdoor  Play Areas we provide a supervised experience that is just the right amount of exercise, socialization and relaxation that most dogs thrive on.

Pet parents are also given access to our private webcams, allowing you to make sure your pup is having a fun day of play!

We provide webcam access to all of our clients so that they can check in on their happy pets.

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dog daycare

The Benefits of Dog daycare

We strive to maintain a safe and healthy dog daycare environment for your pup by guaranteeing supervised playgroups. Our loving staff is trained to understand the complexities of dog interactions and the dynamics of the dog pack mentality. The benefits for enrolling your dog in our program are unlimited, starting from continual exercise and socialization, to increased confidence that teaches dogs proper canine manners.



My dog and I have been using Canine Fitness and Fun Center for six months. The staff are very friendly to both of us. While I am unable to get into her head, all I know is that my little girl runs in each morning with her tail wagging, and runs out each evening in similar fashion. That sums it up for me, and I could not ask for more. Highly recommended!

— Daniel W.