Professional Dog Training

Whether you've got a pup that is working on learning the basics or an older dog that's a seasoned pro, our professional dog training programs can have many great benefits! Not only will they be better listeners, but even the simplest tools can help a dog succeed and feel confident in varying situations. With two convenient training options, a 6-week Basic Obedience Course and Enrichment Training Sessions that can be added to your pup's boarding or daycare stay, you can choose a program that best suits your pup!


Getting your summer travel plans together? Next time your pup stays with us, let them stay in style! We recently upgraded our boarding options to include three new boarding packages, each with a list of special perks and add-ons to make your pet's time with us even more fun. Give us a call or ask an associate for more details when you make your next boarding reservation!

dog learning to sit and stay

Obedience Training:

Week 1 - Intro to Training (Done over Zoom)

  • Concepts
    • What is positive reinforcement and why does it work?
    • Training the dog you have
    • Interrupters
    • Dog body language
  • Activities
    • Establishing bridge
    • Training "Touch"
    • Training name recognition

Week 2 - Basic Commands

  • Concepts
    • Recognize dog's body language
    • Understanding the power of distractions
    • Value of Patience
    • Shaping behaviors vs Capturing
  • Activities
    • Sit & Sit with Duration (Stay)
    • Place
    • Lay Down
    • Good look

Week 3 - Leash Manners

  • Concepts

    • Recognizing distractions before your dog does
    • Monitoring your own body language as well as your dog's.

  • Activities

    • Strengthen Place
    • Heel-up/Heel
    • Loose-leash Walking

Week 4 - Leash Manners II

  • Concepts

    • Go Say Hi concept, reasoning

  • Activities

    • "Go Say Hi" w/ people
    • "Go Say Hi" w/ dogs
    • Strengthen Loose-leash walking
    • Strengthen Good Look
    • Emergency U-turn

Week 5 - Special Topics

  • Concepts

    • Recall
    • How to use a long line

  • Activities

    • Continue refining Go Say Hi
    • Recall (long lines preferred)
    • Drop it/leave it

Week 6 - Tricks

  • Concepts

    • Training for life: Training as enrichment (mental stimulation), exercise

  • Activities

    • Roll over
    • Shake
    • Leg Weave
    • Sit Pretty
    • Army Crawl

dog learning to sit and stay

Our 6-week Dog Training Obedience Courses are offered regularly – check your Gingr portal or give us a call to learn when the next session will start! Each 6-week course is $180 per dog and includes a clicker for you to continue your training at home.


Enrichment Training:

Enrichment Training sessions are perfect for dogs that are looking to learn all sorts of new skills! These classes will only be offered while your pup is staying with us at daycare or our boarding program and will be divided into two levels based on previous knowledge. You may choose up to six skills that you'd like your pup to learn, and while you're off at work or on vacation, you'll have a new game to play with your best friend.

dog learning how to walk on a leash

Level 1

  • Smile - Dog looks at camera
  • Freeze Game - Dog freezes when cued during play
  • Spin - Dog turns in a complete circle
  • Leg Weave - Dog weaves in and out of trainer's legs
  • Shake - Dog offers paw to be held
  • Which Hand? - Dog chooses which hand holds the treat
  • Kisses - Dog puts nose against trainer's cheek

Level 2

  • Sit Pretty - Dog sits on hindquarters with front feet in the air
  • Get Your Toy - Dog picks up toy when asked
  • Drop It - Dog drops toy when asked
  • Army Crawl - Dog crawls across floor in down position
  • Roll Over - Dog rolls over
  • Bow - Dog's front legs and chest touch the ground with hind end standing
  • Stand By Me - Dog stays at your hip

Themed packages are also available with a preset list of commands that your dog will learn, each building on the previous skills:

Mind Games Package

  • Which Hand?, Shell Game, Shell Game Master

Perfect Pup Package

  • Get Your Toy, Drop It, Clean Up

Photography Package

  • Smile, Pretty Picture, Selfie

Paw Time Package

  • Shake, High Five, Wave

Individual classes start at $20, with options for 4-session packages ($18 per session) and 8-session packages ($16 per session) day add-ons while your pup stays at our facility. For more information, please contact Kelsey Kuhn (


dog learning to ask for treats