About Us

What makes CFFC Special

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that approximately one half of all dogs are overweight. Just like in humans, obesity can lead to a range of health issues, from joint strain to heart problems. The truth is that for many dogs, daily walks simply aren't enough to keep weight problems at bay.

At CFFC, our approach to playtime is twofold: great socialization for your dog to stimulate mental wellbeing and physical exercise for a long and healthy life. We offer two types of daycare, walks, swimming, and more to increase your dog’s overall fitness. And for our pet parents, we provide an online profile of your pet so that you can stay up to date on vaccines, health information, reservations, and webcams to watch them play.

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Our Origins

Canine Fitness and Fun Center was founded in 2008 to provide an alternative to the typical dog daycare in the Denver Metropolitan area. Our facility was originally privately owned and then joined the Destination Pet family in 2017. Destination Pet offers added resources to CFFC to provide benefits, new services, and enhancements for the staff and furry friends. We have had the ability within the last year to add a heated pool, new grooming facility and completely upgrade our entire building. As pet lovers themselves, they promise to do what we’ve always done: treat your furry friend like their own.