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Why the Canine Fitness and Fun Center?
Canine Fitness and Fun Center was created to provide an alternative to the typical dog day care in the Denver Metropolitan area. With additional emphasis on fitness, each dog will enjoy the benefits of exercise and socialization in a supervised group as well as individual attention.

What sets us miles apart from our competitors?
Our 4 separate indoor and outdoor play areas are provided for dogs of all sizes and activity levels. Above all we offer our amazing heated indoor swimming poolSwimming Pools. A huge 25' x 13' x 4 foot deep pool surrounded by a custom built deck equiped with a non slip ramp to make access easy and safe. Dogs love water - and water is a great fitness avenue for all breeds.

How Do I Become a Member?
Each dog is temperament tested, and has vaccinations verified, only then will qualified dogs be accepted into our facilities (all dogs must be neutered or spayed over the age of 6 months.) An application and daycare agreement must be completed prior to the initial visit.

Evaluation appointments are scheduled between 12pm-2pm or 6:30-7:30pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. Evaluation must be scheduled prior to first drop off reservation.

Please contact us to set up your FREE evaluation today.

Our Staff
Because safety for your pet is the highest priority here at CFFC, Rhonda Siegel is a Certified Pet Care Technician Level 2, an American Boarding Kennel Association certification program designed to teach the basic principles of animal care (including Animal CPR, behavior recognition, pack mentality and basic first aid), facilities management and customer relations.

Is the Canine Fitness and Fun Center safe for all dogs?
CFFC provides an extremely safe facility with a staff to dog ratio of no more than 15 dogs to 1 (one) staff member. Dogs are never left unattended during group play.

CFFC provides a safe and healthy environment to care and nurture each dog in a comfortable true indoor/outdoor location with several different stimulating activities (as well as a nap time to avoid over stimulation). We care about the health and well being of your best friends, and know that by exercising your dog on a regular basis, you may be improving their quality of life exponentially. CFFC is appropriate for all legal breeds, sizes and temperaments of dogs as they all need exercise, play time, love, and extra attention! At CFFC dogs are seperated by temperament, into a tiny tot, mild or active group and are seperated into appropriate groups upon arrival.

Each dog will be evaluated (all dogs must be neutered or spayed over the age of 6 months), temperament tested, and have vaccinations verified, only then will qualified dogs be accepted into our daycare and pools. A daycare agreement and waiver form will be completed prior to the initial visit. Please Contact Us to set up your free evaluation today.

During the course of the day our staff will naturally discourage negative behavior such as jumping, chewing, and signs of aggression. Highly trained staff will supervise dogs at all times whether inside or out.

Does my dog have to be a swimmer?
Not at all! Canine Fitness and Fun Center also offers over 7000 sq. ft. of additional play area for those non-swimmers. First time swimmers will be fitted with a doggy life vest and monitored with individual attention and only swim with an appointment and permission from the owner. We are also happy to set a special one on one appointment for beginner swimmers to see if they enjoy the water without the ruckus of all the other dogs playing.

Treats and Food?
At CFFC, no food is given without owners permission. We recommend feeding your dog before and after daycare, but when daytime feeding are necessary owners supply their own food as not to upset the dogs digestion. All dogs are fed in individual kennels per your feeding requirements at no additional charge if you bring your own food. For $3.00/feeding we will provide the appropriate high quality NutraSource Food. Ice cubes are also used as a bonus during the day! The dogs love to chew and play with them and they provide additional hydration in a safe and fun treat.

For out overnight guests we suggest bringing your pets own food packaged in individual feedings clearly marked with your pets name.

Kong Comfort Time
Give your dog a special treat at nap time. CFFC provides the Kongs, stuff them with Peanut Butter or Liver flavor filling and special kong treats, then are frozen and given to them when they are in their individual kennels for nap time. Kong treats are a great way to treat your dog during the day and give some extra nutrients for that long day of play.

What Vaccines are required?
It is the responsibility of the Client to provide proof of vaccination history for each pet swimming or attending daycare. To insure the protection of all the pets under our care, Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations must be up to date 7 days prior to attending daycare. Animals, whose vaccinations are not up to date, will not be allowed to attend daycare. Bordetella must be updated every 6 months and is offered at CFFC for an $18 charge. Young puppies must have a minimum of 2 series of vaccines to be admitted.

Can owners stay and watch?
Monday - Saturday CFFC is a drop off facility only. However, our new viewing area for the pools allows owners to watch in a safe, dry space provided just to watch swims. Sundays now have "stay and play" hours:

Introducing "Stay and Play"
Now you can play and/or swim in our wonderful facility with your dog at CFFC. With our indoor / outdoor facility you can enjoy a safe, secure place for your pet to play and swim with dogs that have been evaluated, vaccinated and are only members of CFFC.

  • Sundays 2pm -4pm.
  • $11.50/session per dog (or $39.50/4 pack)
  • Owners are responsible to supervise their own dogs in the pool and play areas, and clean up after them as necessary, there will not always be a CFFC attendant avalable in the pool or play area.

No reservations are necessary. Swims will be first come first served with 5 dogs allowed at the pool during any session.

Are facility tours available?
Absolutely, we welcome tours for you to come and see our amazing new facility. We prefer tours Monday - Friday during nap time from 12pm-2pm as it is a great time to visit our facility for a tour while the dogs are tucked away.

What is the benefit of swimming for older dogs or after surgery?
Bronco Swim

Swimming provides non-weight bearing exercise for dogs that suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia or other ailments the come with along with age. We encourage owners to participate in private swims, even getting in the pools with their own pets. Our trained staff is available and willing to either help owners with the swim or do it for you while you wait. Now that our pool is heated it is even more benificial for dogs with health issues.

How do you clean your facility?

Our facility is disinfected daily with a brand new state of the art central wet and dry vacuum system by Aqua Air to provide the cleanest and most sanitary conditions. All rooms are chemically fogged daily to provide the cleanest and safest facility possible.

What does the public say? Testimonials and News Coverage

Featured in 2014 Denver Post
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Featured in 2008 "Treasures of Colorado"
(Treasures are local businesses who have earned the respect and
trust of their community.)

Voted "Best Rec Center for Dogs" in Best of Westword 2006. Voted "Top Super Nanny" by 5280 Magazine, August 2006 Dog City USA issue.
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