Click here to watch your pups play on our Live Web Cameras!! (You must be on Internet Explorer)
User Name = admin
Password = 123456

Once logged in right click on live stream and select
"Master Stream" for a clearer view.

Log in on your Smart Phone / tablet

Follow these simple directions:

  1. Go to your app store on IPhone or Android
  2. For Android Download the FREE Q-See QT View app
    For I-Phone Download the FREE Q-See Classic View app
  3. Open the application
  4. This will bring up the following menu
  • Net Type - Use the default it should read 3G/3G/Wifi
  • Server type - cffc-security.myq-see.com (the port is 80, on some phones this is required on a separate line)
  • User - admin
  • Password - 123456
  • Hit the Login button
  1. Now you will get another screen with icons
  2. Select Live
  3. Now you can rotate the camera view, hold to the side or swipe to get to a different play area

Some phones may ask for these same settings in another menu but will all require the same settings.