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Is your dog tired of playing in a kiddie pool?

Kiddie PoolFor the swimmers, The pool is always monitored by one of our trained "life guards".

Dogs love water - and water is a great fitness avenue for all breeds.

First time swimmers will be fitted with a doggy life vest and monitored with individual attention. We are also happy set a special one on one appointment for beginner swimmers to see if they enjoy the water without the ruckus of all the other dogs playing.

A Safety ramp is provided for easy entry and exit from each pools as well as a non slip flooring surrounding the pool area. The pool is in its own uniquely designed area with a viewing area for all parents to watch all the fun!! Dogs are only allowed in the pool area during specified monitored play times and only by the request of the owners.

Our pool is heated and filtered 24/7 and treated with a low dose of chemicals to keep the water safe for all dogs.

Can owners get in the water with their dog? Yes, absolutely! Owners may enter the pool with thief own dogs. Whether for therapy or just for fun, owners are allowed to participate in private swims or opt for our trained staff can facilitate the swim for you.

Join us for our new "Stay and Play" on Sundays, from 2-4pm to participate in the fun.

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Our New Heated Pool!
Swimming Pools
Hoppy - is Happy!!
I got the frisbee!!
Dude in the pool all to himself!
Dude Swimming
Betty's First Swim
Too many tennis balls, not enough time
Dash and Sophie
Bronco Loves his Flying Squirrel
I can't wait!
I can't wait!
Waiting to swim!

Synchronized Swimming!
Group Swim!